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100% proof Chemtrails are real

Brief history of Chemtrails

There is a lot of proof that chemtrails are real. Well, I should say "proof" right. There is no actual proof that chemtrails are real in any fashion. The chemtrail conspiracy theory started in the 1990s by a paranormal enthusiast and talk radio host Art Bell who was then aided by the internet of course. Now the only proof that exists is on Youtube where anyone with a video camera can record clouds in the sky and say they are really chemicals.

Other pieces of proof that chemtrails are real include a US House Bill HR2977 that referenced them but that only speaks to the psychological status of the representative that made sure it was put in there.

There is speculation to the chemtrail campaign: Sterilization, genocide, administration of drugs, suppression of human evolution, combat / control climate change, hide planet x / Nibiru, Monsanto global monopoly.

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Created: 2016-12-12 07:49:47

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