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"Feeling" God is not proof

Chelsea Messages Me

 Someone decided they would send a message to me and then immediately restrict it so I couldn't say anything back. Honestly, I love being able to converse with people especially if they aren't condescending. I've recently learned that condescension towards me without any merit really activates my hulk mode and I go irrational as fuck. So this was disappointing because I really wanted to have this talk. Thus, I shall give my side here and allow you the audience to supply the answers for or against what is said.

Straight through the heart

Man I'm so blessed to have had a supernatural experience with God. And unexplainable experience how he came through my body like a lightening bolt.

I mean this is a nice thought I guess. I would pin it more on it being a seizure than God sending lightning through your body. Also, if you can experience it in reality (aka the natural world), then it can be explained by science and thus is not supernatural.

I don't know how that even happened to me. I never believed in God untill that day in Bible camp when a group of people where praying for me and I suddenly fainted and woke up on the ground 

First of all chemicals in your brain can explain what you experienced. Hypoxia causes fainting and Hyperventilation can cause hypoxia. If you're in an emotional situation, you can trigger hyperventilation easily and pass out. This isn't rocket science. It's just basic science.

a light white flash ran thoughy body and I felt light like ecstacy hit my blood stream it was unbelievable and super natural 

How do you know what ecstasy feels like? If you're an avid drug user, then I would surmise that you're more likely going to experience strange shit. Not saying that your past drug use should discredit you but it does mean we can't trust that experience. But I'm sure it felt very supernatural considering it was all just happening within your own mind.

ever since then I've been happy to have the lord god in my life he comes to my spirit with warmth and peace that's put out of this world its supernatural..

You saying it's supernatural, doesn't mean that it's supernatural. I'm glad that you feel those lovely things, but you have to understand there is no way to validate that it is Yahweh or Jesus that is doing that if that is what is happening. You don't know if Allah is working his way through you or the Flying spaghetti Monster. Look I'm not wanting to crush your happy feeling but you have to understand why I really just don't care about your own personal experiences. I don't care because they aren't proof of anything but how you feel.

Shame on you atheists

it's a shame that atheist will never feel that ever .. so stuck to Ur belief in nothing and science while us Christians feel supernatural bliss that runs through our body when we pray...

First of all, I do feel joy, happiness, and love. There are about 4% of people in the US that suffer from sociopathic and psychopathic tendencies. That makes 12M people in the US alone. Psychopaths take joy in causing harm to others. Sociopaths, on the other hand, are completely apathetic to the feelings of others. It doesn't mean that they can't be happy or even love in some form. So to say that we don't feel any of those things ever, you're saying that we are worse off than a Psychopath.

That "supernatural bliss" that flows through your body when you pray is the same effect I get when I think about how awesome my son is. The feeling you get when you pray is just chemicals in your brain making you feel that way. That is why people of other faiths feel the same way about their god when they pray to him / her.

But u will never believe cuz u have no soul and are doomed for death unless u repent...

Sorry to say this but neither of us have souls and death definitely is inevitable. You deluding yourself into thinking that it doesn't exist doesn't change the fact that you will most certainly die.

but believe Ur man made mad lies while something supernaturally unexplainable happens to me when I was like YOU.. it's never too late to change... pray Lord forgive me for being atheist refill my soul with your supernatural bliss and make me believe in you Amen!!!

I don't believe in lies. That's why I use science to determine what is the truth and what is a lie. You actually believe demonstrable lies. Nice try on turning that one around on me but you fell flat on your face. 

Anecdotal evidence like "SOMETHING SUPERNATURAL HAPPENED TO ME AND YOU CAN'T EXPLAIN IT" is not evidence at all. 

It isn't too late to change so you can just give up your belief in lies at any time but, if you're too mentally weak for reality, I won't blame you for deluding yourself with lies. Just keep that shit to yourself you know.

You don't need to be forgiven for being an atheist. Being an atheist is not wrong or immoral.

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Created: 2016-11-21 08:32:27

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