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"Kill the Jews": Georgia public school allowed harassment of non-christians

Oconee County Schools

A county school system in Georgia decided they were going to try and create a partnership with a local christian organization. The purpose of this relationship was to provide off-campus Bible study classes that the students could take. Relationships like this violate the Separation of Church and State as it seeks to promote one religion above others. The FFRF was able to stop this partnership from continuing but it highlighted many other problems.

The FFRF sent a list of violations that they needed to resolve as well as discontinuing the plans for the bible classes. These violations centered around one Jewish student in the school.

The student did not know the Lord's Prayer, and was forced to stand in humiliated silence in front of his teammates. We are told that the assistant coach, Mr. Sherman Reynolds, then attempted to coerce the child, pounding on his back in font of the other students and shouting "Come on son! Come on son!" to get him to lead the team in the Lord's Prayer.

Letter to Oconee County Schools

But the harrassment of this particular student didn't stop there. With the example set by the coach in harassing the child, the rest of the students continued to harssass him:

The child was understandably humiliated in front of his peers. Students began harassing him on an OCS bus chanting "he's a Jew"; "Kill the Jews"; "Kill his Dad"; "Massacre the Jews."

Letter to Oconee County Schools

Harassment Continues

The students continued to harassass the childs family by "pounding on their doors, shining lights through their windows, vandalizing their property, and eventually setting their mailbox on fire," according to the FFRF Letter to Oconee County Schools. Those students were arrested and appropriately charged but the public school employee's that normalized this torturous behavior went unpunished. The student eventually withdrew from the school due to the amount of religious bullying that occurred.

The head coach also displays a 12-inch crucifix on the NOHS desk. This school is deeply entrenched in Christianity and it shows in how they treat people outside the religion. Namely harassing them to the point that they withdraw.

This is one of the many problems with Teachers targeting students like this. Not only are they public employees but they are also opening the flood gates to the hate and tormenting nature of some children. The teacher engaging in this normalized the harassment of this student as well as anyone that isn't Christian. That in turn caused the students to harass their fellow student to the point that they no longer felt safe at the school. Not because of asshole children, but because he didn't feel like he could count on the ADULTS at the school to protect him.

(h/t FFRF.org)

Created: 2016-11-16 12:47:29

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