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Tennessee group wants to remove Islam from history

 "Islamic Indoctrination" in Tennessee

 A mother in Tennessee made a stink in October about Islamic teachings in her childs school. 

What’s Islam’s holy book?

What are the five pillars?

Those are basic facts students should know about a faith that has more than a billion adherents. Just like Muslim students (and everyone else) should have to know that Christians believe Jesus is a prophet and accepting his divinity is the only path to salvation.

Friendly Atheist

She is back in the news because her new "group" Sullivan County Parents Against Islam Indoctrination have said that they "felt some of the assignments went against her beliefs as a Christian." So you would think maybe her child was forced to accept Allah or pray five times a day to a god they don't believe in. Alas it is simply a problem of their history books merely mentioning Islam.

Islam never existed in Tennessee

That's right. She wants to remove Islam from history and act like it just didn't exist:

The NCAC said the controversy “sadly reflects larger efforts to purge lessons on Islam from schools in Tennessee”, with a proposed new curriculum retaining lessons on religions including Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism, but removing information “on the history and spread of Islam, the life and teachings of Muhammad, and the study of Islamic art”.

The Guardian

You can't act like Islam just didn't exist. I'm not sorry that history makes you uncomfortable but that is your problem you need to work out between yourself and Jesus.

They, Sullivan County Parents Against Islam Indoctrination, have called for the history book, produced by Pearson, to be pulled from schools and replaced with something that includes other religions but singles out Islam as having never existed.

Offical Responses

The Board of Education is sane at least:

“It’s still part of history,” Susan Lodal, the Tennessee board of education’s vice president, told Times News in September. “We’re just not teaching it to our children.”

Teaching basic facts about a particular religion, isn't teaching the religion. It is informing our youth about the world at large. Showing them that other religions exist outside their Christian bubble.

Pearson has also responded to the matter:

A spokesman for the publisher Pearson told the Guardian that their “materials are created to meet the academic guidelines set by individual states.”

Pearson representatives went to Tennessee to answer questions and concerns about the material. Apparently Pearson's answers have left the gorup unsatisfied.

This group is demonstrating Christian censorship at it's finest. They don't want their children exposed to anything that isn't Christian because if they learn too much they may fall from God, right? 


(h/t The Guardian)

Created: 2016-11-10 13:08:52

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