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Yes, baby girl... you can be anything to want to be

Like her or not

Like her or not, a woman is a major party candidate for the presidency of the United States. A woman. Fewer than 100 years ago we weren't even allowed to vote.

I'm not well known for being sentimental or as a feminist or a Hillary supporter, but this feels so monumental to me.

I work in a world that is dominated by men. It's not uncommon to be the only female in the elevator or in line to get coffee or one of only a couple in a meeting with senior leaders and the idea that our President, our Commander in Chief, could be a woman is a little overwhelming.

The first women to graduate from West Point did so in 1980. Our first female 4-star General earned her fourth star in 2008. Our first female COCOM Commander took command of NORTHCOM just 2 months ago.

Still With Bernie

My heart is still with Bernie...he's a rare and special kind of politician. And the betrayal by the DNC is a hard pill to swallow. I am proud to be a part of the 9 votes cast for Senator Sanders from the state of Alabama. I wanted more than anything to be able to vote for him in November. I hold on to the fact that he will remain in the Senate and continue to affect change and be a leader for progress.

I will also never forget what this feels like...this moment where I can look at any pigtailed little girl and know that she can literally do anything. A privilege that so many women in our not so distant past were not provided. A privilege that so many women throughout history have stood up for, fought for. A privilege that I hope will be realized in November.

Created: 2016-07-27 09:52:07

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