God slaps teenager and exposes himself

A man named William Griffin, pictured below, is sitting in jail tonight for something that you just can't make up at all.

42 yo William Griffin

Willy boy here slapped a 16 yo kid, proclaimed he was god, and then shoved his glorious god dick in the kids face. Obviously this guy is crazy as shit but that doesn't distract from the glaring issue with religion in general.

The problem with religion & god

The protection that religion receives in america is astounding. If this guy had been a priest or something official part of a church, he wouldn't have had anything done to him. That's not to say that priests never get caught, obviously that is incorrect. But, he would be giving a lot more chances than just this. Many priests have gotten away with similar actions. One catholic priest told a 13 yo girl that him raping her was how god loved her.

So connecting this guy with the glaring shield that religion provides isn't that big of a stretch. It's actually just a short stroll because the only thing that this guy was missing to be protected is a black shirt with a white collar.

(h/t KCCI Des Moines)

Created: 2016-06-28 10:05:39

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