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Anita Fuentes compares lack of donations to a starving child

A couple of days ago, A youtube evangelist by the name of Anita Fuentes uploaded a video where she guilts her Youtube Sub base into giving her money. She claims there is a huge difference between the amount of views or subscribers she has and how much in donations she gets.

Basically she wants more money. (1 Timothy 6:10)

She states:

The deficit is that over 99.999% of you who tune in and are fed consistently do not give consistently and this is making our ministry rescue boat tilt in a dangerous way to one side

She is using this visual imagery to show how lazy her congregation is being.

BUT, she doesn’t just want more money from her congregation. She wants more money consistently. She stresses this even further by saying:

How many of you would put $10 of gas in the tank and expect your vehicle to run for an entire year. It will putter on you and die until you fill it again.

It feels like she’s saying that if you don’t feed money into her slot consistently every week, she will stop providing this service. Instead of figuring out ways to monetize her efforts on youtube, which there are numerous services and helpful channels / videos on how to do that, she would rather guilt people who probably don’t have the money to donate.

But she needs it more than you do. Because god, jesus, and stuff.

She feels entitled to this money because she is spreading the word of god and she uses god to extort this money from her subscriber base.

She even compares the lack of donations to starving a young child of food:

Which of you would feed your child once every six months a can of corn to save the steak and potatoes in a shelf and say, “This is enough nutrition for you now feed and grow child.” That child will grow weak on you and perish.

Bitch, not donating to you is not like starving a young child to death. I have a young son and you not getting the money you WANT is YOUR FAULT, not people watching you. You can sell a shitty book, you can create a patreon for those that can afford it, you can do a shit-ton of things to make money… instead of just guilt tripping people into giving your sleazy ass money.

She claims that her ministry has a monthly budget of $50K. That’s $600K a year for her internet ministry which she stresses is on-line and off-line. As of the date she uploaded there have been 5 months of this $50K budget so apparently she’s spent a quarter of a million $$$ on this ministry with no problem. WTF is she spending this money on exactly? It’s not promoting her channel because if she were then she’d have a larger subscriber base and have presence on social media outside of youtube.

Here is the thing about Anita, she no longer has her ministry as a business… It’s registered in California and is said to be dissolved.

All donations go to “Evangelistic Ministries of Anita Fuentes Inc” which is what her website is for. So for all intents and purposes she is gathering donations for a church business that has been dissolved in California.

She has gotten a lot of negative feed back from her community which she highlights in this video:

I’m glad that a lot of other people have called her practices into question.

Created: 2016-06-23 10:49:57

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