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Ken Ham requires a purity agreement for single employees

Ark Encounter is completely religious

As you know, the Ark Encounter is gearing for its big reveal on 7 July 2016. Dan Arel is planning on being there to protest and of course Eric Hovind is trying to Protest the Protest… It’s protestception. It has been revealed that Ken Ham admits that there is no other purpose to the park than a religious one by saying:

“We didn’t build this just to be entertainment like Disney, we built it for a religious purpose, Ham said. “Otherwise we wouldn’t have built it.”

He completely admits that it is a religious, for-profit park. He shouldn’t be getting the $18M in tax incentives if the reason the park is even in existence is because of religious reasons. That means it is there to push a religious postion and the State is endorsing this with tax payer money. That is a complete violation of the First Amendment.

Unfair Hiring Practices

To add insult to injury, he is requiring his employees to sign a statement of faith that not only includes a confession of belief in a literal creation account, but also denouncing homosexuality and embracing sexual purity for the single employees. That means that if a single employee of the ark encounter has sex without being married they can be fired from their position. Can you imagine any other business out there with this employment requirement? What if McDonalds had a requirement that you can’t have sex if you’re not married? That wouldn’t be allowed, but because the ark encounter is religious they get a free pass to require ridiculous shit like this.

Taking Notice

Those in the religious community are also starting to worry over the violation of Church / State Separation. Baptist minister Bob Fox had this to say about the situation:

“I believe, as a Baptist, in the separation of Church and State and I don’t think that the state ought to be involved in promoting any particular religious views,” Baptist minister Bob Fox said. “There’s kinds of laws called ‘Sharia,’ where people have used legislation and the government to promote a religious faith, and I think we as Christians need to be careful that we continue to be Christian, and to be Christian in the context of the United States.”

We do need to be worried about Christian Sharia Laws infecting our government and our society in general. If we aren’t careful, Christianity could be once again just as bad as Islam.

(h/t RawStory)

Created: 2016-06-22 09:41:14

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