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Nederland City Council approves IGWT on Police Vehicles

Another Violation

Yet another city has violated the first amendment. "In God We Trust" is a completely religious sentitment and residents of the area recognize this.

"It doesn't equally represent everyone religiously, because not everyone is a Christian," says Raven Bryan, longtime resident.

The news report states this sentiment accurately by saying "... not everyone agreed with the city council’s decision." This shows a growing disinterest in putting IGWT stickers on police vehicles because, as Raven said above, not everyone is christian or religious at all.

The reporter is currently running a poll on his Twitter account asking people people if they agree or disagree with the measure.

I voted on this poll on twitter, not because it will directly do something, but it will show that this is not just a local issue. Although this specific instance is a local issue it is becoming more widespread everyday. One by one police stations are putting statements of faith, promoting one religion over all others on their vehicles, which restricts their ability to equally police their communities. This creates division in communities where we need to be pulling together and supporting equality of all people.

E Pluribus Unum


Created: 2016-04-26 08:03:52

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