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God given credit for Uterus Transplant

Lindsey got a Transplant

Lindsey is a 26 yo recipient of a new uterus. This is the first time a transplant of this type has successfully occurred in America. Lindsey was told at age 16 that she would never have children and now 10 years later she is given that chance by God Doctors.

Lindsey is seated as the first woman to receive a Uterus Transplant

Lindsey seems to attribute this effort to not the doctors but because she "prayed to god."

"I want to be open and honest about my story," Lindsey said from a wheelchair. "I was told I would never have children. I prayed that God would allow me to experience pregnancy."

I have a particular pet peeve of not giving credit where credit is due. The doctors that performed this operation deserve the credit. Not god.

Lindsey should get credit for taking the necessary steps to be selected to be a part of this research endeavor, which included banking six fertilized embryos before the procedure could take place.

What it would look like with God

If god had anything to do with this, she would have woken up with the ability to get pregnant with no explanation or intervention from doctors. God works in "mysterious ways" but he also seems to work in "completely logical and natural ways that include human interference (which wouldn't have been available without said human interference)."

God has performed similar acts that also require human interference like with Ben Carson passing his chemistry exam. Ben didn't work hard to pass it... nope... it was all god. Despite the fact that he didn't magically wake up with complete enough knowledge of chemistry to pass the exam without having to study for it.

What this amounts to is God being given credit where he deserves none. Lindsey prayed to God and apparently God ignored all the mass shootings in the US along with the rising poverty, unemployment, and general financial weakness of the American people so that this woman can have kids.

Lindsey, I'm glad that you got the transplant and now you can have your own biological kids but be sure to thank your doctors. God didn't do anything, they did.

Created: 2016-03-07 14:35:40

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