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Thoughts on the Jaclyn Glenn Controversy

The Situation

 So in case you've been living under a rock (punnnnnnn)....

Seriously though, It's been pointed out that Jaclyn Glenn has used someone elses work without citing where she got her information, thus passing it off as her own thoughts. As a content creator, I would hate for this to happen to me because it has happened plenty on facebook and other sites. People take images that I make and pass it off as their own work or simply don't give credit where credit is due.

I try to be sure to credit the source of the image or information where I can. When I make a video, I try to cite where my research came from. With the Did Jesus Exist? series on my channel I make sure to cite what book I got my information from so people can support that author in their own way. I understand the importance of citing your sources and giving credit where it is due. 

I have also learned from experience that immediately jumping to the "YOU STOLE MY SHIT" thought isn't the best idea. Hence, my initial reaction to the situation. 

First Reaction

Here is the video from Purdue Non-Theists:

TBH, I was skeptical about her copying TheoreticalBullshit​ at first because it was a video that showed them making the same points. While some were a little too closely tied I still thought more evidence was needed. I got ragged pretty hard by others in the community by not being immediately convinced.

"Why are you protecting her"

I'm not protecting her. I'm just not jumping immediately on the "FUCK JACLYN" train like you want me to.

"What more evidence do you need... she's done this in the past"

I need evidence that she actually copied him because two videos sliced together isn't enough proof for me. I feel that is a reasonable request in the situation. Her past actions adds to the probability that she is doing it now, but it doesn't directly mean that she definitely did it.

Asking for Evidence

Asking for more evidence, especially when there is very little to begin with, isn't a bad thing. Saying someone plagiarized is a big thing in this community.

I know I try my best to not plagiarize people so if I remake an image I put the original creators mark on it and don't try to pass it off as my own. On The Drunken Peasants​ last night, Jaclyn addressed the situation and said it was inadvertent.

I'm skeptical of that as well. She may just be trying to save face, but I don't think we will ultimately know.

Whether she was trying to save face or not, I think the evidence leans on the more probable case of her taking points in TB's video and rephrasing them for her own . She should have credited him, which she eventually did without pressure from the community, and I hope she continues to learn from her mistakes and makes better content from her own mind.

My Conclusions

I think it's bad form to take pride in Jaclyn's folly, and I do agree that it was a folly on her part even before she talked about it on the Drunken Peasents. I was cautious because to claim someone plagiarizes another is a massive claim especially for her. I'm not sure I would call it Plagiarizing but she definitely got sentiments from TB's video and used it in her own.

Holding each other accountable for dishonest actions is one thing, revelling in her current sitation and being happy about it, is not good. 

Created: 2015-09-29 09:40:32

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