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Jesus Transforms Molester while silencing Molestee

The Situation

Today RawStory reported on a group of home-schooled kids that had been molesting their younger sister for 10 years. TEN FUCKING YEARS. Can you guess what brought that shit to light?

Well if you guessed that the parents finally came out from under their grimy rock where they had been hiding, you guessed wrong and you lose 10 pts. The parents knew what the group of boys were doing to their youngest daughter the entire time. From the time she was 4 till she was almost 15 this poor girl was used for the boys own sexual desires and the shitty, poor excuse for parents did jack shit to stop it. To me that means they encouraged the sexual abuse happening in their home.

Jesus Saves The Day

If you guessed it was Jesus, then you would be correct. Jesus made them feel guilty about being sociopathic, incestuous, child rapists because you need Jesus in order to know that's wrong.


Sorry... I had a rage black out... what was I saying....

Oh yeah... Jesus. 

"If Jesus had not saved Eric, perhaps the devastating culture of this family could have continued, even to more generations,” wrote elder Scott Brown. “But the gospel transforms and shines light in dark places. Jesus was the source of light that caused things to be brought into the light."

Now this is really odd because the VICTIM had this to say: 

The victim in the Jackson case told investigators that she believed she would go to hell if she told anyone about the assaults, which she said took place at least twice a week.

Well shit.. seems like Jesus and all his hell talk kept the victim from outing her pedophile-filled family.  Isn't religion just fucking great... 


Now of course because Jesus spanked the boys and told them to say they're sorry for committing 1040 sexual assaults against a fucking child, the victim had this to say about forgiving them for their trespasses:

“Forgiveness is not mine to give – it’s God’s,” their sister said. “You need to take it up with Him.”

I feel so sorry for this young girl. She is at the point, which I have no idea at what point in the 10 years this occurred, where she has normalized the sexual assault. This type of abuse should never be accepted nor acceptable.

I'm not going to scrutinize her forgiving or not forgiving them but to leave it up to god to forgive them is basically to say, "Ask yourself if you should be forgiven." I don't think you can simply stop being a sociopath. My guess is that god will easily forgive them and I am just glad that we don't actually base our legal system on god.

 If you want to know more about my thoughts about Forgiveness in Christianity, look here.

My thoughts

I believe that these boys need professional therapy to countereact what their parents did to them. What they did to them being nothing. I mean absolutely nothing that could be attributed to being an actual fucking parent. If you're going to home-school your child then fucking homeschool them and DON'T half-ass it. These parents didn't even half ass it.

No amount of god or jesus is going to change that. The only reason those boys confessed to anything was because someone told them it was wrong. Prior to that they had no idea what they were doing was wrong. On some level they are victims as well. So who should be ultimately responsible for this?

If you guessed the parents then you just won the jackpot of 50K pts and a trip to Godless Engineering Headquarters.

Of course the parents are to blame in all this because they are supposed to be the responsible fucking adults that actually parent.


Think Skeptically. Stay Godless.

(h/t RawStory)

Created: 2015-05-22 06:27:57

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