Scaring the Hell into children

Teaching kids about hell... but in a fun way!!!

Recently a man named C. Mathew McMahon uploaded a video to his youtube channel promoting a book that he has commissioned to teach children about how they can go to hell. Yeah... teaching kids that yes, they can to burn in eternal damnation.

As if kids don't have enough to fucking worry about today with long defeated diseases popping up like skittles, school shootings, and the rampant pedophilia in the church. All they need now is to remember if they don't follow what the giant bearded grandpa in the sky says, then he'll push them into a pit of fire... forever because love you know.

Jesus throwing kid in fire

Concept of Hell 

The concept of hell is horrible to teach a child. It is at it's core emotionally abusive to the child. Telling them that one wrong thought can send them to a pit of burning pain for eternity... Do you honestly think that is healthy at all for a child. 

Is it healthy at all for the child to be paranoid every single second of the day about what they not only do but think about? Drilling this into them at a young age may seem harmless then because they are still developing their personalities and haven't actually reached any kind of level where they can acurately process this. Once children hit puberty and start having sexual feelings all the fucking time, this mindset is already drilled into the core of their being and wreaks havoc on them. Causing them so much emotional and sometimes physical pain.

This man should be looked up on as if he were promoting a form of child abuse because at it's core, that is what he is advocating.

Video embeded below:


(h/t Friendly Atheist and Christian Nightmares)

Created: 2015-05-14 09:32:06

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