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Pascagoula: Sexual Abuse justified by Bible

Bible Study gone awry

A news story out of Pascagoula, MS is another one in a long line of stories coming out of the Christian community. Another report of abuse. Another child damaged. This time though he used the bible to justify his shitty actions and abuse of this child.

A Pascagoula man who used Scripture from the Bible to justify to a minor the sex crimes he was forcing her to endure

Ahhhhh how fucking christian of you. 

John Kirk Councilman was already on probation for an attempted murder conviction when he was found to be abusing a minor. He abused this child over a 2 year period starting when she was 12. He did all of this in a shed he lived in... way to go you piece of shit.

He had known her for most of her life already and then he used his position of "power" to hold bible study with her and as the news report puts it:

When he used the Bible to study with the child, he justified the acts, Stevens said, by "manipulating the words of the Bible to make some kind of sense of what he was doing to her."

You don't have to be that fucking smart to do that. I could write up a short and concise bible study session to justify almost anything from atrocities normally associated with ISIS to doing exactly what this sick fuck is doing. It's really not that hard.
The way the bible studies are described it seems like all he had to do was to put God's holy word in the mix and it was all good to go... yeah right.
While incarcerated for these crimes he proceeded to send the young girl bible verses with emphasized portions about forgiveness. Not about them forgiving him... no. That would be logical and the man has #FuckLogic tattooed on his head. No he said HE forgave her for coming forward!! 
"The letter he sent was about him forgiving her for coming forward and telling what happened," Stevens said.
Can you believe that shit.
This man is so egotistical that he feels like he is the victim here by stating:
In other letters, Stevens said, Councilman wrote about how he wasn't "mad or upset" with the girl for his arrest. "He never said he was sorry to her," Stevens said.

The Problem(s)

There are a few problems that I can cite within christianity itself that allowed this shit to happen and will continue to allow it to happen.

Positions of Power

There is a problem in Christianity with people of this type seeking out these positions of power in order to gain a sort of shield to conduct their illicit activities. This is common for predators of this nature BUT the key here is this "shield" that religion (specifically christianity) has attached to it. It allows these predators a safe place to gravitate to and they know they will be protected. Why will they be protected besides the evidence given by the Catholic Organization alone?

Unquestioning doctrine in the Bible

In the bible, it is drilled into you that you are not to question the authority of God or trust yourself when trying to understand god:

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;


Proverbs 3:5

The bible puts "god" up on this pedestal so that he can't be criticized or really even understood.

As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. 


Isaiah 55:9

This paints someone who claims to understand "god" and what his words mean into a powerful position over someone that has been indoctrinated. These positions that these predators gravitate to outside of religious positions do not harbor this same type of power. This power is the power over a person's own understanding and is powerful in persuasion. 

Children that have been indoctrinated into the faith and have been taught to trust in the lord their god and do not question his choices are subject to this kind of victimization. You want a reason why indoctrinating your child in this fashion is potentially harmful, well there are news stories every day just like this.

The sexual abuse got so bad, Stevens said, that it finally reached a point where the girl "confided about what happened to a few of her friends."

"She blamed herself," Stevens said, though police reminded her she was the victim and he was the perpetrator.

Think Skeptically. Stay Godless.

Created: 2015-04-20 11:17:12

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