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Megan Faux calls out the Friendly Atheist and Fails!

Faulty Faux

Recently Megan Faux Fox posted this on her fb page:
Yes Megan, we know it's you stop acting like a different person is doing it.
She makes some strong allegations in the post like:
Hemant's GoFundMe to raise money from atheists to hurt Megan Fox = $7614.00
She goes on to allude that there is a huge discrepency in the amount of funds used to help the library:
Check mary weimar cashed from Hemant Mehta at the Orland Park Public Library = 6918.49
Now the first allegation was addressed by Hemant in his blog post about her allegations saying:
2) The money wasn’t raised to “hurt Megan Fox.” It was raised to help the library.
I don't understand why she is trying to spin it like someone is yet again persecuting her but it doesn't surprise me. The fundraiser was set up to help the library because she already hurt the library by taking much needed funding away from educational areas of the organization. Hemant wanted to send a message about the community that he was fostering and show the library some support. That is why he did the campaign... Not to hurt a narcissistic cunt and her douchebag... wtf ever he is.
Next though, she subversively suggests that Hemant wasn't honest with the amount of money he campaigned for and gave to the library. Here is the Math on the funds donated vs The check:
7614.00 * .079 = 601.51
7614.00 - 601.51 = 7012.49
94/.30 = 940/3 = 313.33333
Now I know that's a bunch of numbers but the total amount taken from the GFM campaign is 7.9% (assuming all donations were US donations). So the 7.9% only accounts for $601.51 of the amount charged. There is still $94 left over. This is simply explained by the $0.30 charge per donation via the WePay service. I corroborated this with Hemant and the GFM campaign itself. Total donations were 316 which can be explained by the fact that it's the internet and the internet is worldwide. 
If you're going to call out someone trying to help an organzation that you hurt with your petty shit, you should really do your basic 5 th grade math and research on the subject.
Think Skeptically.
Stay Godless.

Created: 2015-03-24 09:57:13

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