A Secular Invocation


I was asked today by a fan of mine to prepare an atheist invocation due to a fairly comical one that was posted here on youtube recently. I thought that was a solid fucking idea so I figured I’d do my best to write one up. So this is my attempt at a general invocation that could be used in almost any situation to promote a message of equality and unity as well as a scientific thought process. I do not take any credit for this as original thought. I’m pulling from a lot of stuff I’ve heard from various people, most notably Neil DeGrasse Tyson. I think that he has a rather poetic way of looking at our existence that really echoes how I feel about humanity in general.

General Invocation

We are all star stuff. Each of us is made of recycled stars. Every single atom that comprises our bodies was cooked in the crucibles of dying stars. When those stars exploded their enriched guts spread out across the universe. Eventually they coalesced into this small blue planet we call earth, which we now inhabit. We are connected to the universe on a chemical level. We are connected to each other biologically and chemically. Through the wondrous process of evolution by natural selection we have evolved into the dominant species on this planet. Genetically we are connected to every living thing that exists here. No matter how different our atoms are arranged we are still just recycled star stuff. In this way, we are all equal to one another and should be treated as so. As I look around at my friends, family, strangers, and peers, I do not see race, religion, nationality, gender, sexual preference, or any other differences that we may use to further divide ourselves. I see stars. Each and every one of us is a piece of a star. May we strive each day to better ourselves and treat those around us with respect while questioning our ideas so we may grow as a species. May no idea or thought be placed above criticism because that only stagnates our thought processes. Let us look at the world through skeptical eyes and question everything so we may come to the best conclusions that we can with the best information that we are provided. Let us take a moment and remember those no longer with us who have greatly impacted our lives, for in that way we truly live on forever.

Thank you.

Created: 2014-12-13 09:31:40

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