Megaspending at Alabama Megachurch

Faith Chapel Christian Center

Faith Chapel Christian Center is a megachurch in Birmingham, Alabama. They just recently opened an entertainment complex for their congregation. You may be asking yourself: "What might this entertainment complex include?" Oh nothing more than christians need to worship. You know stuff like

  • 12-lane bowling alley
  • basketball court
  • fitness center
  • arcade games
  • a teen dance club
  • a banquet hall
  • indoor playground
  • a lookout tower
  • and much much more!!!!

This fucking piece of shit church spent $41M to enterain people at their church. Personally I thought shifting your weight back and forth while closing your eyes and acting like you're trying to fucking touch jesus was entertainment enough. They did all of this with donated money so basically They raised $41M to build fucking Jesusland. If we considered churches businesses and megachurches corporations, according to Alabama's own revenue website on corporate taxes they would need to pay a 6.5% tax rate on their donations. That would mean that the state of Alabama would have an extra $2.67M in their budget right now.

According to, the Birmingham area has a poverty rate of 28.9% which is higher than the state poverty rate. So not only did this fucked up congregation build a massive bit of Jesusland for themselves and all those that believe in the same bullshit that they do but they did it while throwing a big FUCK YOU to the poverty sticken people of the area.

Making Jesus Cry

So how does this make baby jesus shit his britches:

Matthew 19:21, Jesus said to him, "If you would be perfect, go, sell what you possess and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow me."

They basically said "We could spend this money on the community at large like jesus would have wanted us to do but we said fuck that shit and built stuff for ourselves." I admit it that I wouldn't have a problem with this if they paid taxes and their own fucking dogma didn't tell them to give their shit to the poor.

They could have used this money to help the surrounding area in general. Give money to homeless shelters or organize food drives. They could have done so much more with this money and it would have actually been more inline with their doctrine. If you're not only going to hold your doctrine as the only source for morality and push it into our government against the will of the general population, at least have the decency to execute said dogma correctly instead of fucking it up at every turn.

Source, ChristianToday

Created: 2014-07-15 09:47:25

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