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Pat Robertson: Medical Advice

The Concerned Mother

A concerned mother wrote to the 700 club about her son and his stomach issues. This is her message to Pat Robertson:

My son heard sounds that sent painful shock-waves thru his body as I was praying for him and I called on the name of JESUS. My son said if felt like something hit him very hard in the stomach. I know this is not of God. He is a Christian. Can Christians be attacked by demons? -- DIANNE

God's funny that way

Now Dianne, you have motherly instincts. Your son has a seriously medical issue and all you can think about is god? I think you need to rethink your priorities on this one. As far as this "not being from god," keep in mind the havoc that god ordered onto Job. God turned Job's life into a living hell to prove a point that he already knew. Instead of telling Satan to "STFU because I'm the all powerful YHWH motherfucker" he fucked job up in what I can only assume is entertainment.

Lets not forget about the story of Moses in Exodus. God knew for a fact that he would have to rain hell down on Pharaoh and culminate it with the killing of innocent children. He could have easily resolved the situation with another appearance as a fiery bush but nope. God was bored so he decided to have a little fun because that's what egomaniacal psychopaths do. They kill people for fun.

What should the advice be

The advice given to this woman should have been along the lines of:

No. Demons aren't real. He needed medical attention and instead of wondering about god and demons you should have been more concerned about your sons health.

.... But no. What does Patty Boy say?

... It sounds like that child has something influencing him. You need to get somebody with you that understands the spiritual dimension and doing spiritual warfare. What you don't want in there is some quack in there casting out some non-existent demons, but at the same time you need to look back at your family. Do you have anybody involved in the occult or witchcraft, tarot cards, or psychic things.

He later goes on to say how it doesn't sound normal to have stabbing pain in your abdominal region. WELL NO SHIT SHERLOCK! Of course it isn't fucking normal to have sharp pains in your stomach, but instead of seeking medical attention you tell this poor woman to look for a relative with a caldron or some shit. Maybe John Edwards looms in a diseased portion of your family tree or something. But first lets add a dash of hypocrisy to this stick of dumbass root you just stuck in your recipe shall we. He tells her to get someone skilled in the "spiritual dimension and doing spiritual warfare." My guess is that he isn't talking about this kind of spiritual warfare:

That would be part of the "quacks" that he talks about immediately after he tells her to get someone looking to do battle with Casper the food poisoning ghost. The fact that he says you don't want someone in there casting out some non-existent demons like there are some actually existing demons that are causing this kid to shit hellfire should make you want to back away from this man while phoning your local mental institution.

Finally, did Patty go Catholic there at the end when he said to get someone in there to get rid of that demon? He is classified as an Evangelist so I doubt he is talking about an exorcism but probably some faith healing where you basically chant the sickness out of someone and if that doesn't work then you hit them with your coat.

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