Does your evidence exist?

In this post, I want to discuss the pile of shit contained in a video called "Does God Exist." There are a couple versions of it out there so here is just one example of this bullshit video:

Let's not even go into the fact that what the Dentist does in this video is quite unprofessional and more than likely wouldn't even happen in reality. I get that they are using this to make an argument for God, but the premise of the whole video is absurd. So lets go through this video and pick out the pieces of shit littered in it.


First up is this point:

Dentist: Who in this day and age believes in God

If you seriously don't know that people still believe in god, maybe it's time to come out from under the rock you've been under. It's not like religious people don't make themselves known. They are actually the mouthiest group in any country. They claim persecution when they don't get the privilege that they have experienced in the past, but tell others the shut the fuck up when they want to be treated equally. In reality, I think the Dentist would shrug this off with an uncomfortable chuckle rather than make him feel stupid for having beliefs.

Next piece of bullshit:

Dentist: OH! So you haven't noticed the wars, destruction, or poverty.... Everything that has gone wrong in this world.

Hey christians that made this video, that's a nice Strawman you have there. This particular argument is generally made when the religious claim that god is always responsible for the god and never for the evil. Isaiah 45:7 is a perfect example of how god creates these evil things, whether you choose to accept how it is written or not it's there. So this part of the bullshit video is actually out of context and is not an argument against the existence of "God."

Patient: Yeah, well I don't believe in dentists. I mean if you think about it if there is such a thing as dentists then, why do so many people have broken, infected, and missing teeth.

Here lies the biggest pile of shit in the entire video. First off, you have observational evidence that dentists exist. You're sounding about as intelligent as Pastor Peter LaRuffa at this point because you're saying that you deny observational evidence of the very thing you say you don't believe in.

Secondly, you are comparing humans to god and that is a Slippery Slope fallacy. It's a slippery slope because you are saying that the same rules that apply to humans must also apply to an all-powerful, omniscient, omnipresent, omnibenevolent being. You can't compare the two things because they don't follow the same rules, at least according to the bible. Using this logic and John 1:18, we shouldn't be able to see the dentist either.

Using the argument correctly


Dentist: I can't help it if people are stupid enough to never come and see the dentist and get their teeth fixed up and their mouth fixed up.

Patient: Exactly and that's the same way with God he can't help anyone who doesn't come to him if they insist on doing things their own way.

Now I do have to agree with the dentist on this point. Unlike "god," he can't be everywhere all the time nor can he expect everyone to "let him in." God supposedly is everywhere and in everything so he has the access to stop his asshole priests from raping and molesting little children. He would be in their hearts and know their intentions yet he allows them to rape and commit emotional murder.

I ask you: Is there ever a "good" reason to allow a child to be raped and molested? Would a "good" plan ever consist of such an action?

This is the correct use of the dentist's original argument. It's used as an argument against the notion that god is "good" and that sin, attributed solely to humans, is the reason for evil in this world. You can't sit there say that god is only responsible for god when the evidence from your own dogma is stacked against you.

What should we take away from this

If said "god" is everywhere and in everything, why do we have to come to him for help? Using the "logic" contained in this steaming pile of shit, since I randomly help people that don't ask for my help then so should god. But why oh why doesn't he help people that don't ask for his help? Oh yeah... he wants you to get down on your knees and beg for his help, because that's what good people do to others that need help.

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Created: 2014-04-29 04:19:08

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