Just filling you in ... on the bullshit

This post discusses the bullshit in this image:

Just filling you in....

I would like to point out that the situation present in this image is completely non-verifiable unless there was a police report written up for assault and battery.

The first point I would like to discuss is this one:

One of the courses had a professor that was an atheist and a member of the ACLU. One day the professor shocked everyone by walking into class, looking up and stating "God, if you are real I want you to come down and knock me off this platform, I will give you 15 minutes.

To me this sounds like this scene from God's Not Dead:

Regardless of whether or not this has actually happened before, the professor shouldn't be doing this in class. Whether a person chooses to believe in a deity has no role in any classroom other than they have the right to believe in whatever they want to. I would consider this guy to be a very bad teacher considering that this subject shouldn't even be brought up in the first place.

Now the next point in the image:

Several minutes tick by in silence, when the 15 min time almost expired the Marine gets up from his seat, approaches the professor and punched him in the face knocking him off the platform and out cold. the Marine simply went back to his seat.

This is assault and battery and personally the marine needs to be reported to the police. The professor wasn't doing anything that required physical intervention as the marine provided. If the professor had been physically doing something to the students, then I would say that's a cause for a physical fuck you to the face. That is far from the situation in this story.

The professor came to, visibly shaken and asked the Marine, "What the heck did you do that for?!" The Marine said, "God was busy protecting America's military who are out protecting your right to say stupid shit like that, so he sent me to fill in."

That is complete and utter horseshit and I have multiple reasons for claiming that. First of all, "God was busy protecting America's military ..." means that he knows for certain that "god" sides with the US in Operation Enduring Freedom, where the opposing side felt they had Allah on their side, which ironically is based on the same Abrahamic God that the Christians pray to.

This highlights the inherent Egocentrism that Christianity / Islam forces on their followers. This notion that they are special in the eyes of their personal lord and savior blinds them to the reality of the situation. The reality that there isn't some bearded man in the sky that is wearing a bedazzled american flag t-shirt, eating an apple pie, holding up a red, white, and blue foam finger yelling "FUCK YEAH MURICA" while cruising around on his Rascal Scooter.

Second, it is the professor's right under the First Amendment to speak his mind on the matter of "god" whether or not it's right for him to do this in a classroom. It is not the right of the Marine to knock the professor out for a stupid example of how god doesn't exist.

Finally, usually when people are doing things for "god" they match up perfectly with schizophrenia so I would suggest that this marine get himself some psychological help if he even exists.

Created: 2014-04-25 07:08:26

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