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Greg Locke Against Planned Parenthood

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-04-28 07:39:35

Locke Exposed Greg Locke is Against Planned Parenthood because of this people have donated to him in his name. This is mainly because he has a "bold and biblical" stance on abortion. He's been playing the victim card the entire time. Saying that he's been receiving harassing letters and messages [...]

Why I Think Jesus Never Existed in History

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-04-27 06:26:09

He Didn't Exist There are many people out there that do not believe Jesus ever existed. There are multiple reasons why to come to this conclusion. Today I provide my general reason for questioning Jesus' existence and some responses to popular apologetics for historicity. The main reason is Paul [...]

Why the Bible Is Accurate and Historicity of Jesus

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-04-26 08:01:05

Jesus isn't real In this portion of the Interview, Camo and I talk about a number of things ranging from the accuracy of the Bible to where life begins. We continue to have a civil discourse I point out where he is wrong and try to get him to think critically about his religion. We start out tal [...]

Jacob Tricks Isaac into Blessing Him

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-04-25 07:32:42

Isaac is Dumb In Today's episode, we go through why Esau gets shafted out of getting Jacob's god blessing. Which doesn't really make sense because after Isaac accidentally gives Jacob the blessing he blesses the mafucker again. So basically, Isaac is just chilling out when he goes blind and he c [...]

Phil Robertson's Torchbearer is Christian Propaganda

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-04-24 07:57:47

Be a Torchbearer The film Torchbearer that has Phil Robertson as its main talking head, narrator, character, or whatever is just the worst type of Christian propaganda. That's just from me watching the trailer. The entire time, philly boy is trying to set up Christianity as the foundation of Ame [...]

Are DaddyOfFive's Videos Fake?

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-04-20 07:32:31

The DaddyOfFive controversy has been all over the internet lately. I have been keeping up with it and I wanted to present my reason for labeling this behavior as abuse and whether Mike, DaddyOfFive, is lying to his audience. Mike is lying to his audience because of his appearance on DramaAlert c [...]

Scientific Evidence for God and Homosexuality in the Bible

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-04-19 08:10:26

Science and God don't mix So a while back I interviewed the CamoChristian and we had a good long discussion across a wide range of subjects. We start off talking about the scientific proofs for god and end up discussing homosexuality. In general, the scientific evidence for god that camochristia [...]

White Trash in the Bible

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-04-18 07:41:39

Abraham and Isaac  Welcome Heathens! We are back on with the Daily Bible Podcast. We had to take a couple weeks there because I was on a business trip but now I'm back and ready to get to work. Today on the Podcast, we have a tale of two white trash men living it up in the trailer park in t [...]

The Illuminati Vaccines Make Money Using Autism and ADHD

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-04-17 07:20:31

Illuminati Exposed The Illuminati are at it again. Now they are using Vaccines to mess with our spine cells, brain cells, and even stem cells. They are doing this to make money off of little autistic and ADHD ridden kids. First off the guy in the video is ridiculous. I mean he is self-diagnosed [...]

Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ Debunked

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-04-14 07:12:29

Dead Jew, on a Stick So today is Good Friday, which means in Christian mythology a guy was pinned to a stick and killed so he could save us from himself. If that confused you, then you had the correct reaction. Evidence The first piece of evidence is the Pauline Creed. That doesn't prove that th [...]

Missouri Public Schools Employ Christian Sex Ed Organization

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-04-11 13:58:30

Thrive, St. Louis Thrive St. Louis is a Christian Sex Education and Women's Health organization. They teach abstinence-only sex education, do not provide nor prescribe contraception, and do not provide Plan B. Numerous Missouri school districts employ ThriVe St. Louise to provide sex e [...]

NASA Brainwashes Us With Globe Earth

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-04-10 11:55:22

So, According to this guy we are all brainwashed or are being brainwashed by NASA to believe in the Globe Earth. He, of course, thinks that the only viable model is a flat earth. First off he tells us that our model is dead. DED, DEAD. It's dead because we have never seen the globe earth... desp [...]

Answering 10 Questions that Atheists Cannot Answer

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-04-08 18:23:00

Seriously, this is the worst piece of shit list of questions that I've come across. I mean one of the questions is about how can see the wind. This guy sways from asking if science can answer everything, god of the gaps thinking and wrapping this charade up with Pascals wager. At one point he ta [...]

Alex Collier Proves A Hollow Earth and Alien Moon

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-04-05 08:26:39

So Alex Collier is a guy who apparently has been contacted by the Andromeda system or something. He thinks that the earth is hollow and the moon was brought here 11,000 years ago by aliens. Yeah... Aliens and they have been kidnapping children. Simple Irrefutable Flat Earth Proof So first off, t [...]

Deflating Atheism's "Hacking Atheism"

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-04-03 08:03:47

This is Hacking Atheism by Deflating atheism... Let's hurry up and get to the hacking. get your Hacker goggles on and turn up the EDM music because that's how we do stuff in hackerland. Seriously, though, I have no idea why he decided to call this Hacking atheism because it doesn't accomplish wh [...]

Jesus Daily's "10 Ways God Blesses You Everyday" w/ Godless Cranium

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-03-31 06:14:06

So as you know, I have a significant following on Facebook but that doesn't even rival the following that most religious pages have. Jesus Daily has a few million followers. A lot of them are atheists that like to shitpost on their page but for the most part, their page followers are devoted Chri [...]

Did Jesus Come to Bring Peace?

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-03-30 07:16:50

Christians are always saying how Jesus came to bring peace on earth and all that good cupcake stuff. No big surprise here but with multiple different authors over hundreds of years of edits, re-writes, and new writings about Jesus we have contradictions on these basic theology questions. On the [...]

Moon Phases Explained by a Flat Earther Stinky Cash

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-03-29 05:58:58

The moon's phases are easily explained by the revolution of the Earth and Moon around the Sun. This guy doesn't think that way, though. StinkyCASH is a very special individual because he's a flat-earther. He seriously thinks that the earth is flat and that the sun resides in our atmosphere. Oh a [...]

Selecting Isaac's wife, Rebekah

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-03-28 13:18:45

So on Day 10 of the Daily Bible Podcast, we are dealing with Genesis 24. In Genesis 24, we are selecting a suitable wife for Isaac. You know, the non-bastard son of Abraham. Well after Sarah dies, Abraham then decides to get his son a wife, because why would he find himself a wife, that's ridicul [...]

If There Is No God, Murder Isn't Wrong by Prager U

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-03-27 07:39:20

PragerU put out this completely stupid video about Divine Command Theory. The idea that there needs to be a god telling you what you can and can't do because apparently we are all sociopaths that don't know right from wrong... or a hole in the ground from our own asshole. I love how he uses his o [...]

PragerU's Anti-Climate Change Propaganda DEBUNKED

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-03-24 08:15:51

Anti-Climate Change Propaganda U PragerU has been a big advertiser here on the GE channel. For some reason, their ads are regularly blasted as well as other religious ads. I figured since they are somewhat paying me to show their ads, might as well take them to task. I know PragerU has that mora [...]

Public Schools should be teaching Prayer, Jesus, and Christianity

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-03-22 08:38:11

Religion in Schools E.W. Jackson is a right-wing pastor here in America. He thinks we should be teaching kids "Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so." Even though not every student is a Christian. He said in a radio program: We need to bring prayer back into schools and we need [...]

Evolution is an Illuminati Hoax

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-03-22 07:02:52

Illuminati Scientists Mario, the Vigilant Christian, is known for being rather eccentric. He has drunk the Truther Kool-aide and went back for seconds. Today we will see how the Illuminati is using Evolution to bring forth the anti-christ. First of all, he says that Evolution is wrong, of course [...]

Flat Earth Sun, Moon, and Eclipse Model Analysis

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-03-20 07:44:13

Sun and Moon? Today on Godless Engineer, we are going to take a look at a few Flat Earth Sun / Moon models and how they explain day, night, and eclipses. Obviously, these models are ridiculous and are downright laughable. They do not explain how we perceive our universe nor does it even explain [...]

Jesus Freak Is Prime Suspect of Amber Alert

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-03-16 11:59:51

Tad Cummins Tad is the main suspect in an Amber Alert out of Tennessee. He is self described as a "Jesus freak." Normally, I wouldn't care if you're a Jesus freak or Muhammad fanboy but in America, Christianity is regarded as some kind of moral standard. For the general public, one would automat [...]

Did Jesus Abolish Old Testament Law?

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-03-16 07:37:26

Jesus abolishing the old testament law is one of those big debate points that Atheists split on. It really depends on your interpretation of the scripture but it also depends on which part of the Bible that you read. On the one hand, you have the law being superseded by Jesus' sacrifice. We see [...]

Rapture Warning For All Atheists, You've Been Warned

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-03-15 11:42:37

RAPTURE!!! Not the one in the sea in Bioshock but this is a rapture warning for all you atheists out there. Not really. I'm responding to a rapture warning for us. Basically, we can be atheists now but we will change our tune when the rapture gets here. So play it up now atheists, soon we'll be [...]

Is Jesus all-powerful?

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-03-14 07:55:58

PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS Christian's are always wailing that Jesus is all-powerful. That he can do anything if you just believe in him. But even in his own book can he do anything. God even has his limitations in the Bible. God's kryptonite is iron because of Judges 1:19 where God was with the m [...]

More Irrefutable Flat Earth Proof and Experiment

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-03-13 07:28:25

A Flat Earth Experiment Glenn Hall is back with more flat earth proof. It's even more simpler proof!!!! Seriously, though, this is just ridiculous. He starts out using Raggedy Andy to show us what he really meant in his previous video. Trust me, Glenn, we picked up what you were putting down. In [...]


Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-03-10 08:33:23

Total Reptile Trump is definitely a Reptilian. I mean he's rich, powerful, and he doesn't know how to act human. TOTAL REPTILIAN. Seriously, though, these conspiracy videos are just fucking ridiculous beyond anything I've seen. Basically how to prove trump is a reptilian you just need some dark [...]

Cindy Jacobs: "Do you think our poverty is gonna make a Jew jealous?"

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-03-09 09:42:17

How to convert Jews... Be Rich Cindy Jacobs is the founder and president of an international missionary group that travels around the world spreading Christianity to those that don't have it. At a church in New Jersey, she espoused the idea that Jews will convert if Christians become rich e [...]

Debunking David Wolf On The Importance of Salt

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-03-08 08:56:30

Don't ascend with low sodium David Wolfe is a well-known peddler of WooWoo. In this video, he is telling us how important it is to have salt in our diet but even more than that it keeps us firmly planted on the earth. That's right, if the seas didn't have a high salt concentration, it would ju [...]

Destroying Atheists Through Reason

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-03-30 07:01:59

Atheism is Destroyed... right? So today we have this video that apparently completely destroys atheism through reason. There is no reason or logic on the other end of this video. They put forth 5 reasons that atheism should be destroyed. They jump from logic, philosophy, to virtual particles. At [...]

Genesis Apologetics "Debunks" Lucy as a Transitional Fossil

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-02-24 07:36:28

Just an ape? In my continuing effort to rip apart every Genesis Apologetics video, I present debunking their poor attempt to discredit Australopithecus, or Lucy, as a transitional fossil. They attack the Lucy skeleton from various directions. First suggesting that she may have not even been fema [...]

Wild Bill for America Takes on The Atheists

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-02-22 08:24:59

Playing with our Spaceships Today Wild Bill takes on the Atheists today. He doesn't seem to know that he's describing Christians to a T sometimes. It's really sad that Wild Bill is so deluded that he calls us "Spiritually Retarded." I would rather be that than whatever the fuck he is cause I jus [...]

Dr. William Lane Craig's The Moral Argument for God

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-02-15 08:22:33

God is good all the time If you don't know Dr. William Lane Craig, he's a prominent figure in the great debate and often uses the moral argument for god's existence. He says that If objective morals exist, then god exists. Of course, that is specifically his god, Jesus / Yahweh. He explains this [...]

Creation vs Evolution with Genesis Apologetics

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-02-13 08:13:08

The Deadliest Grudge Match Today we are looking at yet another Evolution destruction video where these two people supposedly want you to think openly. They present it as Creation Vs. Evolution when that really isn't what they present. They present Creation Vs. every scientific principle in scien [...]

Pitching Tents with This Pastor Is Interesting

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-02-10 09:06:42

Pinching Tits??? So today we have a group of videos that we are responding to. The teaser pastor must have watched some specific type of videos before doing his sermon. We have some kind of weird banana orange competition, Televangelist failing to heal someone, Benny Hinn gets called out, and an [...]

Abraham Circumcises Himself

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-02-09 13:56:05

Dick-skin Necklace So today we have a lot to talk about. First up is how hypocritical Sarai is with Hagar. First, she gives Hagar to Abram as a consolation prize because she's barren as fuck and God is slower than a fat guy on a scooter. So Abram conceives a child with Hagar and that pisses Sara [...]

Bruh, Why Do You Atheist So Hard

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-02-08 08:46:40

Why Are You An Atheist So I found this video on youtube back in November. It boils down to "BRUHHHH, Why DO YOU ATHEIST SO HARD????". So I interpret this as being a why are you an atheist question. An atheist isn't a primary identity of mine and I would gather most of you are the same. I don't t [...]

Abram Dishonors Himself in Egypt

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-02-07 13:32:14

YOU DISHONOR YOUR FAMILY Today in the Daily Bible, we are looking at how Abram dishonors himself. Normally when we are talking about dishonoring people Asia is involved but this time it's Egypt. So we have Abram and Sarai are traveling through Egypt and like the good cuck that he is Abram allows [...]

You Need God Because We All Sin

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-02-06 05:39:07

Religious Snake-oil Today we are looking at a parody of Sum 41's Fat Lip. It's called Psum 14 because it's centered around a single aspect of Psalm 14:1. The one where it says that Atheists can't do any good and shit. Well, it also says we all sin so you need god. I love how it says we all sin, [...]

Bob Larson Exorcises The Demon Jezebel From Brenda

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-02-03 08:44:34

Hypnotized or Planted? Bob Larson has been exorcising demons from people for a while. Well, not demons but just one demon named Jezebel. I don't understand why Bob Larson can't just expel her once and be done with her for good. Instead, her demon ass just keeps coming back and taking people over [...]

Descendants and The Tower of Babel

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-02-02 13:06:52

Babel or babble? Today we are looking into the Descendants of Shem, Ham, and Jerry. Abraham descends from the line of Shem and Ham's descendants are the Canaanites. They give themselves weird names and I really don't know how they kept them straight. These descendants include Kush and his son Ni [...]

Atheist Gets Beaten by Christian For Asking Questions

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-02-01 08:35:24

But what about this? Today we are talking with Poisoning The Well about their past stories as Atheists. SoFain got beaten by some Christian asshole because he was asking questions. Nobody cared with Phat Pat. Phat Pat goose-stepped his way down a Catholic Mass. These are funny Christian stories [...]

Science of Noah's Ark and The Flood

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-01-31 11:50:49

What is a Fuck-Ton? So today we tackle Noah and the Flood. We find out a lot of things like "How much does a fuck-ton weigh?" It's amazing how few questions religious people actually ask while reading the bible. First, we cover why exactly god needed to be all genocidal and how it was really dum [...]

Demons Attack the Armour of God

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-01-30 08:28:16

Demons aren't real So KC found this video circulating facebook and it has this guy getting attacked by Demons. Demons attacking looks a lot like a really bad RPG or RTS and people think it's a real thing. But lo and behold he gets in a provocative position to accept Jesus to fill him up with his [...]

Body and Soul attacked by Demons

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-01-30 08:29:52

This is ridiculous This is the source video for a response I posted today. They legit create problems where none exist and they mask physical problems with some kind of spiritual problem. This is just a horrible thing to teach people. It's dangerous because it could cause people to disregard [...]

Atheists Are Hypocrites Because Science is a Belief

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-01-28 07:17:12

It's hard to see atoms So this guy today is trying to tell us that Atheists are hypocrites or liars because we can't see an atom with our bare eyes and Science is basically a belief system like religion. Of course, none of this is true but he comes up with crazy shit to "prove" it. He claims tha [...]

Adam and Eve's Alternative Facts

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-01-26 05:27:01

Alternative Facts ... Yeah Today on the Daily Bible Podcast, we are looking at the alternative facts of Adam and Eve and their children. We start at Adam and Eve post fruit snack and we investigate why people lived as long as they did, where did they find women to fuck, and who these women were. [...]

What Was the Hardest Part of Leaving Religion / Christianity

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-01-25 13:31:29

Today I'm reading comments from last Friday's video on some guy indoctrinating his child on video... well audio. So we had a fair amount of child rearing questions but also what was the hardest part of leaving religion. What was the hardest part for you if you are godless? If you still believe t [...]

In the Beginning ...

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-01-24 08:04:36

There was this bullshit Here is the new Podcast by Godless Engineer and Kaitlyn. We are going to be going through a 365 Day Bible Plan in this awesome book. Well, "awesome" book. The first day is creation, which generates a lot of different questions from both KC and me. From there we discover t [...]

Sean Spicer's Alternative Facts Are Fascist Propaganda

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-01-23 07:33:07

"Alternative Facts" Sean Spicer is Donald Trump's press secretary and he apparently has his own idea of what facts are. He was desperately trying to explain why the attendance seemed to be low at the Inauguration. There is literally no need to explain this though because the attendance was very [...]

Christian Indoctrinates His Child into Hateful Christianity

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-01-20 11:36:31

Christianity is Bullshit So there is this youtube channel called "Escaping Atheism - Because Atheism is Bullshit" where they are very firebrand in their proselytization of Christianity. Their aggressiveness has led them down a path of hypocrisy, though. In this video today, Max Kolbe sr. is goin [...]

Betsy DeVos' School Vouchers and Public Education w/ Zack Kopplin

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-01-18 07:43:35

Vouchers Hurt Our Education System Today we are talking with Zack Kopplin about school vouchers and Betsy Devos' confirmation as the Department of Public Education head. Betsy has a lot of troubling things about her time in Michigan. She implemented an extensive voucher program that did give par [...]

Lee Strobel's Two Facts That Disprove Evolution

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-01-16 11:01:32

Strobel's "Facts" Lee Strobel is notorious for stating ridiculous "facts" that he thinks completely dismantle evolution or atheism. In this video, I cover a video where he states two non-facts as facts that disprove evolution without question. They are both ridiculous assertions that do nothing [...]

Christians Cancel Each Other Out At Inauguration

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-01-15 14:15:22

Jericho March For Donald Trump's inauguration, many Christians will be marching around the Capital like Joshua did in the bible when he was conquering Jericho for God. In the story of Joshua, God told him to march around Jericho carrying the Ark of the Covenant for seven days. Thi [...]

Watching The Funniest Televangelists Fail

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-01-15 06:40:41

These people had too many Holy Spirits So Friday night, I was sitting at home after my son went to bed and decided to watch some televangelists act a fool. I figured I would record that as well as stream it on my Facebook page (linked below). What ensued was a pure reaction to religious idiocy. [...]

Vice President Mike Pence Will Repeal Johnson Amendment

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-01-13 07:32:38

Pence fails at basic knowledge So sometime after Trump won the election, Mike pence produced a video where he promised to repeal the Johnson Amendment. He claimed that it prevented churches from speaking on important political issues. This is far from the truth in regards to the Johnson Amendmen [...]

Losing Religion In The Bible Belt

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-01-11 07:50:58

Hardcore Atheist'ing Today we are talking with Hymnalysis about how he lost religion in the Bible Belt. He had a rough time growing up in the Bible Belt. For one thing, he didn't know that atheism was a possibility. This is pretty common for the Bible Belt as we aren't told that it's a valid sta [...]

Climate Change Doesn't Exist Because It's A NWO Plot

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-01-09 05:23:54

Climate Change NWO Hoax Today I respond to two vastly different videos on the validity of climate change. One is a conspiracy theorist that thinks it's an NWO plot to charge more in carbon taxes. The other is a confused college student who thinks that global warming doesn't exist because it's co [...]

Shock Of God Begs the Question of Human Evolution

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-01-06 10:48:54

Give a Human Ape Blood?!?!? Shock Of God begs the question to try to impart Creationist ideals on the theory of evolution. He asks what created man in the theory of evolution and then rejects the explanation because it doesn't conform to what he thinks the answer should be. This makes him dishon [...]

Pastor Greg Locke Has Twitter Meltdown

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-01-04 07:22:11

There are a couple things that we are going to be handling in this video. Frist up is a channel update. Skip the Update The channel has been growing a lot lately and I want it to stay that way... ever growing. That will be my main focus for 2017. What does this mean, though? I will be continuing [...]

Evolution is a Fairy Tale, The Bible is Not

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-01-02 07:40:22

Does Fairy Tale mean "Scientific Fact" Now??? Today we have a baptist pastor from San Jose, California that is going to prove that evolution is a fairy tale and the bible most definitely is not a fairy tale. He has his proof worked out so well he has mathematical proofs to show that evolution is [...]

Flat Earth Proof Comments

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-12-31 08:24:50

Hill Billy Reads Flat Earth Comments So earlier this week I replied to a Flat Earth video and it was immediately dog-piled by Flat Earth theorists. They left comment after comment espousing their "knoledge" on how a spherical earth is just absurd as well as how I need to just shut up. I too [...]

Simple Irrefutable Proof of a Flat Earth

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-12-28 07:18:10

Gravity, How does that work? I just can't believe this guy is serious. I have seen a lot of videos about flat earth theory and I have never come across something so fundamentally dumb. I have serious doubts as to whether this guy actually is serious or not. I have tried to vet this guy to the be [...]

ShockOfGod Says Atheism is Irrational ... He Failed

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-12-23 20:39:04

Shock of God Awful Arguments ShockOfGod was the talk of Youtube a few years ago, but he is still making dumb videos. In this portion of the video, he tries to show how Atheism is irrational but he fails miserably by apply a lot of scientific principles on top of Atheism. Atheism is just a non-be [...]

Kentucky Governor Declares 24 Month "Year of the Bible"

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-12-22 11:13:18

Separation of Church and what? Gov. Matt Bevin of Kentucky declared 2016 to be the "Year of the Bible." This year is no different, last year was also the "Year of the Bible" in Kentucky. What the fuck does that even mean? Well for one thing this is definitely a violation of the separation o [...]

Leaving Faith and Religion with Poisoning the Well

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-12-21 07:17:40

It's not hard to say goodbye Phat Pat and So Fain are getting pretty well known in the online secular and atheist community. So Fain was born into a Catholic Family and went to schools with highly religious people. That's no surprise living in Florida though. When he started having questions abo [...]

TheBibleReloaded Charity Stream for St. Judes

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-12-19 08:27:33

GE the Producer This past weekend I helped out Jake and Hugo at TheBibleReloaded run their Charity Stream for St. Judes. They make a lot of cancer jokes around the year so out of guilt for not being terminal themselves they decided to raise $8200+ for St. Judes. That is no small amount either. W [...]

Candy Canes do not represent Jesus

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-12-16 08:09:48

Candy Cane Legend Myth: Candy Canes are symbols of Christ No, they are not. It's just silly to think this. This idea that candy canes are symbols for christ has been circulating around since the late 90s with an email, excerpt below: A candymaker in Indiana wanted to make a candy that woul [...]

Being a wife under Sharia Law

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-12-14 07:58:05

Escaping Oppression Skepo was a Muslim woman married to a devout Muslim man for a long time in England. During that time she learned about the life of a married Muslim woman under Sharia Law. She learned how the Qur'an taught the proper ways to beat your wife. She also learned how Muslims of eve [...]

100% proof Chemtrails are real

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-12-12 07:49:48

Brief history of Chemtrails There is a lot of proof that chemtrails are real. Well, I should say "proof" right. There is no actual proof that chemtrails are real in any fashion. The chemtrail conspiracy theory started in the 1990s by a paranormal enthusiast and talk radio host Art Bell who was t [...]

Pastor Greg Locke's False Dilemma and Pascal's Wager

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-12-09 12:24:52

Eternity devalues life So the good pastor has already committed this fallacy before and he's not going to learn at all. Pascal's Wager says that the consequences are too great to NOT believe in a god than to believe that you might as well believe n a god. Pastor Locke thinks he can get arou [...]

Interview with the CosmicSkeptic

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-12-07 08:08:23

Meet Alex O'Connor Alex O'Connor is known as the Cosmic Skeptic on social media. He lives in the UK and he has made quite a splash into the youtube scene. Only being at this for a few months, he's been able to amass around 16K subscribers. His first popular video was one on a Jehovah's Witness p [...]

Atheism is more LIES

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-12-05 08:27:03

Presuppositional Ed Ed is back but now he is showing his Presuppositional roots by saying that we have to lie to ourselves to deny god. He also feeds us that there are no Atheists in Foxholes and other logic denials.  Subscribe to Godless Engineer


Muslim Presuppositional Apologetics

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-12-02 10:44:35

What is Presuppositionalism? Presuppositional Apologetics is a form of argumentation in the God Debate where you presuppose that God exists and then you argue your points for there whether it be for Morality, Jesus being the one true god, or God existing in the first place. So if you couldn't te [...]

Mormon to Muslim

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-11-30 06:49:31

Interview with Skepo (Jenn) Skepo, or RockabyeRose on twitter, started out life as a Mormon.  Soon she found herself doing everything she could to embrace Islamic culture and religion. Find ou how this happened and what she learned while she was Muslim in the video below. Subscri [...]


Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-11-28 09:13:41

Santa Claus schools Atheists I had responded to an individual that is quite known on Youtube for providing the worst theistic arguments for god and against Atheism. In this one he claims that "atheism is lies" and I'm really not sure as to what he's talking about. We also talk about what slander [...]

Mike Pence shows his Dunce Hat

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-11-26 11:06:00

Johnson Amendment Mike Pence and President-Elect Trump have dedicated themselves to repealing the Johnson Amendment. They fear-monger their Christian church group base to think that the amendment prevents them from saying controversial things in their churches. Simply put, it does no such thing. [...]

I screwed up...

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-11-25 14:50:25

False Equivalence and not Equivocation So last week I made a mistake in my fallacy video. I said "Equivocation" when i meant "False Equivalence" they are both similar but very different. Equivocation is using ambiguous speech in order to confuse the argument. I give a good example of this w [...]

"Feeling" God is not proof

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-11-27 14:28:59

Chelsea Messages Me  Someone decided they would send a message to me and then immediately restrict it so I couldn't say anything back. Honestly, I love being able to converse with people especially if they aren't condescending. I've recently learned that condescension towards me without any [...]

Idiots React to Hamilton speech

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-11-21 07:00:24

Hamilton Speech This weekend Mike Pence went to the broadway show Hamilton. He left with being given a statement by the cast and crew of the show asking for him to be a decent person and not ignore their rights as Americans. They just wanted to say to Pence that we need him to be a VP for all Am [...]

100% absolute proof god exists (False Equivalence Fallacy)

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-12-01 13:30:41

Twins Analogy There is an analogy that has been floating around that has a set of twins arguing over whether a Mom exists and if a life exists past birth. This is a standard equivocation fallacy. False Equivalence Fallacy occurs when you compare two things or situations that are incomparable. Wa [...]

"Kill the Jews": Georgia public school allowed harassment of non-christians

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-11-16 13:19:33

Oconee County Schools A county school system in Georgia decided they were going to try and create a partnership with a local christian organization. The purpose of this relationship was to provide off-campus Bible study classes that the students could take. Relationships like this violate the Se [...]

How to be a Secular Activist

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-11-16 08:33:13

Simple acts can grow In this video, I talk with Dan Arel about in what ways you can be a secular activist by shedding light on personal stories he shares in his book Secular Activist and what effect they had on the movement / society at large. If you would like a chance at a [...]


Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-11-14 08:22:54

Glory of God Today's video is a combination of two responses I did. The first video is a random guy shooting a vertical video talking about the Argument from design. Telling us to just look around and we will believe in god. Oh yeah and we didn't come from Homo Sapiens.... figure that one out. E [...]

What is the Genetic Fallacy?

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-11-11 10:35:50

The Genetic Fallacy is a common one that is being thrown around a lot lately. When you commit this fallacy you disregard information based on where it comes from rather than the merit of the information. On the opposite side of the spectrum, the Appeal to Authority fallacy bases the legitimacy o [...]

Tennessee group wants to remove Islam from history

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-11-10 14:12:39

 "Islamic Indoctrination" in Tennessee  A mother in Tennessee made a stink in October about Islamic teachings in her childs school.  What’s Islam’s holy book? What are the five pillars? Those are basic facts students should know about a faith that has more than a [...]

Christians are soooooo persecuted (w/Dan Arel)

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-11-09 06:10:24

Christian persecution narrative Christians are constantly telling us that we are persecuting them for simply making them follow the law. Now that we have a Trump presidency on the horizon, this is only going to get worse. The Christian persecution narrative is horseshit from the conception of th [...]

Vigilant Christian becomes self-aware

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-11-06 23:42:56

Intelligent Design When creationism didn't really fly with public schools, Intelligent design came into being. It was, ironically, intelligently designed to be spread in the public schools. Idiots exist even in Canada and Mario is a great example of this. Mario has decided to try and convin [...]

Check yo'self before you Resurrect yo'self

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-11-06 14:33:20

Jesus' Resurrection There are a lot of claims out there that Jesus did, in fact, rise from the dead. This is obviously preposterous and has no historical evidence to back it up. In the video below, I examine some of the claims to this idea in this video. They say that Jesus definitely existed, w [...]

Oklahoma votes to repeal the First Amendment

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-11-03 09:20:56

The Amendment State Question 790 in Oklahoma asks the question "Should we fuck the first amendment with one of our cacti." Ok, it doesn't literally say that but it might as well: This measure would remove Article 2, Section 5 of the Oklahoma Constitution, which prohibits the government from usi [...]

Catholics: Democratic voters are doomed to hell and Clinton is Satanic

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-11-03 12:26:47

Politics from the Pulpit On Oct. 16th, a flier appeared in a Catholic parishes bulletin that claims if you vote democrat you will go to hell. It is a mortal sin to vote Democrat … immediately after death the souls of those who die in a state of mortal sin descend into hell,” the fl [...]

RE: Declaration of Dependence on God and his Holy Bible

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-10-07 12:41:19

Declaring your dependence Go here to declare your dependence on god. Because that's what all sane people want to do right. Over 73K people have signed this petition to totally disregard the law of the land in support of the bible. Sex slavery, regular slavery, and beating the shit out of yo [...]

A Recipe for Jesus

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-08-12 09:08:05

Jesus Christ is a prolific figure in history... or was he. In this presentation, I give a pretty good argument why you should take a second look at the historicity of jesus. This was a live lecture given online to the Mythicist Milwaukee group.  Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to GE Also [...]

Pope Francis dismisses "Islamic" violence to protect Catholicism

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-08-01 14:21:14

Islamic Violence This type of violence is becoming much more prevalent in news. Currently Europe is suffering constant attacks by Muslim extremists that pledge themselves to ISIS. Just last week, a priest was executed during mass by an ISIS member. One of the men that participated [...]

Domestic Violence is permitted in the Qur'an

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-07-28 08:52:23

Wife Beating in Islam There are many verses in the Quran that are quite concerning. Qur'a 4:34 deals with the steps to wife beating. There are a lot of imam's and qur'anic scholar's that have different ideas about beating women. This woman goes a long way to admit that you can beat a woman in th [...]

Yes, baby girl... you can be anything to want to be

Kaitlyn Chloe Last Updated: 2016-07-27 10:04:45

Like her or not Like her or not, a woman is a major party candidate for the presidency of the United States. A woman. Fewer than 100 years ago we weren't even allowed to vote. I'm not well known for being sentimental or as a feminist or a Hillary supporter, but this feels so monumental to me. I [...]

Calling into 877WHYISLAM hotline (Part #1)

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-07-26 12:45:17

Questions I was just calling in to ask a few questions. Namely: Does ISIS really practice Islam Can you beat a bitch in Islam Can good people still go to heaven if they don't believe in a pedophile. Needless to say the first representative I got was not that amused by by questions. Don't forg [...]

Joshua Feuerstein wants to kill people

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-07-21 08:45:44

Joshua Feuerstein seems to always have one of his guns handy. Either he borrowed the gun and is pretending to own it or he actually does own a lot of weapons. Either way it seems like a lot of his videos are trying to incite violence against some out-group of people. The primary means of this is [...]

Why Jesus is a myth (Video Lecture)

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-07-20 11:04:02

I provided a live lecture for the Mythicist Milwaukee group on why Jesus is a myth. My notes only reflect explanations for the birth of Jesus and how it could be totally constructed using existing pagan myths and old testament "prophesies" Be sure to sub to Mythicist Milwaukee and&nbs [...]

Manakeane protects women

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-07-12 12:04:29

Brett Manakeane is going to protect women....


How UnChristian is America???

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-07-04 10:59:19

Is America a Christian Nation?   A lot of people think that it is. They use a number of fallacies and they don't consider how different america would be if we were actually a Christian Nation.     Don't leave this page without Subscribing!!!



Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-07-02 07:57:43

Today we are playing some GTA V. Tune into the channle to comment.   Do not forget to subscribe!!!


Pastor Steven Anderson was banned from PayPal

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-07-01 11:31:29

This video was streamed live on my facebook page just after the Orlando Shooting at the Pulse.   Pastor Anderson bitches about being kicked from paypal: Definitely Subscribe to my youtube.


God slaps teenager and exposes himself

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-06-28 10:07:02

A man named William Griffin, pictured below, is sitting in jail tonight for something that you just can't make up at all. Willy boy here slapped a 16 yo kid, proclaimed he was god, and then shoved his glorious god dick in the kids face. Obviously this guy is crazy as shit but that doesn't distr [...]

How did Winston become the Atheist Pig

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-06-24 22:01:32

The Atheist Pig Before winston became "The Atheist Pig" he was first very religious... Like fundamental christian religious. He went from there and through studying the bible, he became "The Atheist Pig"     Don't forget to subscribe!!!


The Vigilant Christian (aka Mario Brisson) is in fact a Homophobic Asshole

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-06-24 11:19:20

Yes, He is homophobic Recently Mario put out a video where he swears he isn't a homophobic bigot but I show you exactly how that is not true. mario is deluding himself into thinking he isn't homophobic. watch: Don't forget to subscribe!!!


Anita Fuentes compares lack of donations to a starving child

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-06-23 11:13:13

A couple of days ago, A youtube evangelist by the name of Anita Fuentes uploaded a video where she guilts her Youtube Sub base into giving her money. She claims there is a huge difference between the amount of views or subscribers she has and how much in donations she gets. Basically she wants m [...]

Ken Ham requires a purity agreement for single employees

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-06-22 10:02:17

Ark Encounter is completely religious As you know, the Ark Encounter is gearing for its big reveal on 7 July 2016. Dan Arel is planning on being there to protest and of course Eric Hovind is trying to Protest the Protest… It’s protestception. It has been revealed that Ken Ham admits [...]

God saves runaway car

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-06-21 08:55:29

We have some extraordinary dumbasses this week.   One guy disses satan in pure epic fail fashion. Woman thanks god for her daughters rape Two girls saved by god when he stops runaway car The 10 commandments makes shit better for everyone, literally Health care is about faith     [...]

Nederland City Council approves IGWT on Police Vehicles

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-04-26 09:01:09

Another Violation Yet another city has violated the first amendment. "In God We Trust" is a completely religious sentitment and residents of the area recognize this. "It doesn't equally represent everyone religiously, because not everyone is a Christian," says Raven Bryan, longtime residen [...]

Ambiguity Fallacy

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-04-22 11:40:22

Ambiguity Fallacy defines the Ambiguity fallacy as follows: You used a double meaning or ambiguity of language to mislead or misrepresent the truth. Politicians are often guilty of using ambiguity to mislead and will later point to how they were technically not out [...]

God given credit for Uterus Transplant

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-03-07 14:46:28

Lindsey got a Transplant Lindsey is a 26 yo recipient of a new uterus. This is the first time a transplant of this type has successfully occurred in America. Lindsey was told at age 16 that she would never have children and now 10 years later she is given that chance by God Doctor [...]

Is Rubio running for Pastor-In-Chief?

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2016-01-20 13:43:12

On Monday, an atheist asked Marco Rubio if he was running for the position of Pastor-in-chief rather than the presidential position of Commander-In-Chief. The man asked Rubio how he planned on representing the rights of atheists once in office, "because there's talks in our community of yo [...]

Debunking Myths of the Candy Cane

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2015-12-03 10:10:54

Candy Canes!!! Soooooo there is this image that has been floating around. The myths in this image are: The Candy Cane was created for christian symbolism Its shape means Jesus Its shape also represents a shepards staff The red coloring is for Jesus' spilled blood A racist statement about washi [...]

Have Sex? Don't Believe in God? You're a prostitute...

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2015-10-06 09:45:35

Pastor John Piper So there is this pastor named John Piper and recently he wrote a piece for Charisma News. He is pulling from this passage in the bible: Now xthe Spirit expressly says that yin later times some will depart from the faith by devoting themselves to zdeceitful spirits and teaching [...]

Political Religious Idiocy (PRI): Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, and Kim Davis

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2015-09-30 08:28:52

A Slight Change There will be a slight change to my gamestreams. I will be using one stream to respond to religious idiocy that I find throughout the week and presenting it as it's own video during the week. This week I am responding to Kim Davis, Mike Huckabee, and Ted Cruz. Kim Davis This past [...]

Thoughts on the Jaclyn Glenn Controversy

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2015-09-29 13:41:55

The Situation  So in case you've been living under a rock (punnnnnnn).... Seriously though, It's been pointed out that Jaclyn Glenn has used someone elses work without citing where she got her information, thus passing it off as her own thoughts. As a content creator, I would hate for this [...]

#Apostacon with ZombieAtheist and Schink

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2015-09-26 15:11:22

Apostacon I was at apostacon as most of you know. Zombie Atheist was there with his wife and it was awesome to meet them again.   Here is his podcast where we talk about the con.


Killah Priest to Speak at Mythicist Milwaukee Conference

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2015-08-18 09:31:54

Killah Priest @ the Mythinformation Conference Yes Killah Priest will be speaking at the Mythinformation Conference in Milwaukee next month. The Mythicist MKE Teak was able to land him to speak at the conference due to him being a student of religion. Sean Fracek said: This will be his debut pr [...]

Is GodBlock a good idea?

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2015-07-22 09:25:22

What is Godblock?  So I have been seeing this "Godblock" software coming up everywhere and have been asked by several people what I thought about it considering my anti-theist, atheist, and parental positions. Here is what the GodBlock website says: GodBlock is a web filter that block [...]

Jesus Transforms Molester while silencing Molestee

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2015-05-22 07:02:47

The Situation Today RawStory reported on a group of home-schooled kids that had been molesting their younger sister for 10 years. TEN FUCKING YEARS. Can you guess what brought that shit to light? Well if you guessed that the parents finally came out from under their grimy rock where they had bee [...]

I'm not saying it's the devil... but it's the devil

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2015-05-14 21:13:20

Klingenschmitt  Do you know who Klingenschmitt is? Well not only did he recently announce that he's moving up from the local political game to a more national level with a run for Senate but at one point he tried to exorcise the "demon" residing in President Barack Obama. Now [...]

Scaring the Hell into children

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2015-05-14 09:47:52

Teaching kids about hell... but in a fun way!!! Recently a man named C. Mathew McMahon uploaded a video to his youtube channel promoting a book that he has commissioned to teach children about how they can go to hell. Yeah... teaching kids that yes, they can to burn in eternal damnation. As if k [...]

Being Openly Secular with Neil Carter

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2015-04-23 10:53:54

Openly Secular Day Being openly secular is easy to say, but it's harder to actually be openly secular for some. If you don't know I live in the bible belt but I'm not alone. There are plenty of us down here that don't subscribe to fairy tales to explain shit that happens or to be good [...]

Pascagoula: Sexual Abuse justified by Bible

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2015-04-20 11:45:29

Bible Study gone awry A news story out of Pascagoula, MS is another one in a long line of stories coming out of the Christian community. Another report of abuse. Another child damaged. This time though he used the bible to justify his shitty actions and abuse of this child. A Pascagoula ma [...]


Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2015-04-05 07:58:58

#JesusPickupLines Today on twitter, #JesusPickupLines is trending and people are getting pretty creative.   First off here are a couple I thought of:    Hey baby.... wanna get nailed? #JesusPickUpLines — Godless Engineer (@GodlessEngineer) April 5, 2015   "G [...]

Megan Faux calls out the Friendly Atheist and Fails!

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2015-03-24 10:52:07

Faulty Faux Recently Megan Faux Fox posted this on her fb page:   Post by Fans of Megan Fox.   Yes Megan, we know it's you stop acting like a different person is doing it.   She makes some strong allegations in the post like:   Hemant's GoFundMe to raise money from athei [...]

Dumbass Republicans: Can a Canadian be President of the US?

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2015-03-24 09:32:27

President, Eh? Canadians can in fact be president under specific cases. Watch the video below for what the Cruz-Hole is in the constitution. This video also contains interesting information on the Announcement of his run and 6 weird facts about him.     References in the Video [1]&nbs [...]


Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2015-03-23 07:58:48

Presidon't Today Ted Cruz is going to announce a run for the presidency from the steps of Liberty University. A "University" that was founded by the late Jerry Falwell. You know a good christian man that holds the same ideals as the presidential candidate. Ideals like Abortion and Homosexua [...]

Godless Engineer Interviews: Steve Shives

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2015-03-22 20:14:35

Steve Shives  I recently got to interview Steve Shives and it was awesome. Check out the video below!!  


America's deeply held religious beliefs

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2015-03-07 08:54:41

Mr. Mo I was reading the updates from The Friendly Atheist when I came across this particular story. Now first I want to point out that the acceptable age of marriage in both the US and Australia are the same with 16 year-old's being able to marry with parental consent but there is something uni [...]

Mythinformation Conference

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2015-02-18 12:04:28

Mythicist Milwaukee Mythicist Milwaukee has invited me to come to the conference and stream live. For more information visit the Conference Information Page. [...]

Mindless Sheep feed only those they agree with

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2015-01-11 10:14:18

Original Onion The Onion recently posted a satire piece which I feel is pretty much calling those that criticize the sheepish nature of SOME Christians big douchecanoes. I don't think that this piece of satire really represents the reality of criticism that is dolled out to SOME Christians and t [...]

Almost 100 Couples Married Already!!

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2015-01-06 10:50:07

Florida Marriage Equality At the very first of the year, Marriage Equality in Florida finally won out. On that day Judge Robert L. Finkle ordered that ALL counties in Florida must issue marriage liscenses to Homosexual Couples wanting to get married on January 5th, when Marriage Equality goes in [...]

Interview with Liz Love on Fundamental Calvinism

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2015-01-02 17:59:26

Intro to Calvinism Calvinism is a form of Protestantism that follows the practices of John Calvin as well as other theologians. They broke with the Roman Catholic Church but differed from the Lutherans on a number of theological subjects within Christianity. Although Calvinism is so named after [...]

A Secular Invocation

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2015-03-10 11:47:18

Introduction I was asked today by a fan of mine to prepare an atheist invocation due to a fairly comical one that was posted here on youtube recently. I thought that was a solid fucking idea so I figured I’d do my best to write one up. So this is my attempt at a general invocation that cou [...]

Legacy Church in NM tells members who to vote for

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2014-10-24 11:28:21

The Story This past Sunday in Albuquerque, NM, a pastor handed out sample ballots that was highlighted with who they should vote for in the upcoming elections. Of course this is highly unconstitutional, but one thing that is different is that the members are starting to speak out with how wrong [...]

Govt. enforcing laws is now Christian Persecution

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2014-10-19 16:16:16

Idaho In Idaho, two christian ministers are facing possible fines and jail time for refusing to follow the law. Sounds reasonable to me personally. If I refuse to follow the speed limit, then I face possible jail time and fines, but why are these two ministers so special? Well the specific law t [...]

RE: CNet's article on Hawking

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2014-10-19 06:29:17

CNet Article Today I read this CNet Article about Stephen Hawking's recent statement about his position on god. This article is purely a condescending piece of shit meant to make Hawking look like a fool for expressing his beliefs. It is a short read so I would suggest reading the article yours [...]

Religious Responses to Brittany Maynard

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2014-10-10 06:40:42

Before I get into this post, I would like to extend this sentiment to Matt Walsh of, the main subject of this post: How dare you. You sound like Mother Teresa talking about making her patients suffer by withdrawing pain medication so they can be closer to god as they lay dying. The [...]

RE: Turning pastor atheist by forcing him to follow the law

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2014-08-28 13:09:12

The Story So this blog post is responding to this pastor that was on the news discussing being forced to follow the law concerning prayer at public football games held by public schools and funded by public funds. The segment, as shown below, starts out fantastically by calling it a "Fight for [...]

RE: AiG on choosing to be straight

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2014-08-17 11:52:59

AiG's Article AiG released an article on their opinion on when someone chooses to be straight. They are responding to this video and I have to say they first start out criticising that they didn't show anyone standing by the biblical reason they are against homosexuality as if to imply that th [...]

Forgiveness of Christianity

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2014-08-05 08:42:05

Current News The current news is quite devastating if you pay close enough attention to the religious community news. Babies are being given herpes during an archaic jewish ritual. Pastors are using their position of trust and power to have sex that has some people straddling the line of wheth [...]

Megaspending at Alabama Megachurch

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2014-07-15 09:51:20

Faith Chapel Christian Center Faith Chapel Christian Center is a megachurch in Birmingham, Alabama. They just recently opened an entertainment complex for their congregation. You may be asking yourself: "What might this entertainment complex include?" Oh nothing more than christians need to wo [...]

Loopholes in Iran

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2014-07-14 14:21:51

The Rules You would think that government laws stating that virgin girls are unable to be executed by the state would be enough protection for those young women but the Iranians are clever little motherfuckers. In case you were unaware of some of the finer points about Iran allow me to extrapo [...]

Pat Robertson: Medical Advice

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2014-07-14 13:35:42

The Concerned Mother A concerned mother wrote to the 700 club about her son and his stomach issues. This is her message to Pat Robertson: My son heard sounds that sent painful shock-waves thru his body as I was praying for him and I called on the name of JESUS. My son said if felt like som [...]

The idea of "Ultimate Justice"

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2014-07-06 23:14:59

Ultimate Justice This idea of "ultimate justice" is often used by theists to justify someone getting away with a horrible act and suffering no repercussions for their actions. Sometimes this idea is presented through the phrase "Only god can judge me" or referring to a deity's role as judge and [...]

Hobby Lobby ruling and its implications

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2014-07-06 04:11:24

The Court Case Today a SCOTUS ruling allows "closely-held" corporations to behave like people. By this I mean that corporations now have rights such as religious rights. So what the FUCK was this court case about? In September 2012, Hobby Lobby took a public stand against Obamacare's provision [...]

Truth about the 10 Commandments

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2014-07-06 00:30:05

Is the OT Ethical? Intro This debate is going to be hard for me mainly because of my opponents views concerning the bible. While normally you could point out the various parts of the bible that are obviously immoral and unethical, Max has a special opinion on the bible in general and I feel tha [...]

Bibles in Schools

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2014-07-04 20:04:06

There have been a lot of stories in the recent past about public school students having their religious rights restricted at school. Every time this gets brought up, Atheists / Liberals are always blamed and are always labeled as angry or oppressive. Call them like you see them You have to call [...]

The Founding Fathers Fallacy

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2014-07-06 07:37:10

The Argument This fallacy is presented by an American Christian when they seek to validate their actions or opinions when concerned with putting more "god" into government. In the USA, we have a clear separation between church and state yet the religious right wing population seeks to tear down [...]

Out of their league

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2014-07-05 22:24:20

Today I was visited by 2 Female Jehovah's witnesses and I really needed a good laugh. The Beginning I hear two small knocks on my door and when I open it i find two women, caucasian and african american, holding a bible. They start talking about suicide and asked how I felt about it. I explaine [...]

Does your evidence exist?

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2014-07-05 16:39:29

In this post, I want to discuss the pile of shit contained in a video called "Does God Exist." There are a couple versions of it out there so here is just one example of this bullshit video: Let's not even go into the fact that what the Dentist does in this video is quite unprofessional and mo [...]

Jesus is all the education we need

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2014-07-06 02:07:23

Ray Moore, a candidate for SC's lieutenant governor position, expressed his drive to dismantle the public education system for a more biblical version of education. Then the states would then negotiate, perhaps taking out of their constitution platform, or the provision, that says the state h [...]

Starving to oppress

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2014-07-06 06:17:37

The Family Foundation has called for a protest in their state. What is this protest on? Why marriage equality of course and how are they going to protest? They are starving themselves for 40 days thinking that it will have a real effect on reality. They are calling for this protest in a post the [...]

Just filling you in ... on the bullshit

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2014-07-06 06:16:37

This post discusses the bullshit in this image: I would like to point out that the situation present in this image is completely non-verifiable unless there was a police report written up for assault and battery. The first point I would like to discuss is this one: One of the courses had [...]

Godless Engineer's return to Atheism

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2014-07-06 06:16:15

I titled this post as such because we are all born atheists and then we are indoctrinated into a faith. Raised Catholic I was raised in a catholic household. I went to catholic private school from Kindergarten till 4th grade. I left catholic school because I got tired of the assholes in it. Eve [...]


Timothy Havener Last Updated: 2014-07-05 23:26:05

When debating theists, skeptics often get mired down in the debate over the existence of God. Arguments fly back and forth over evidence and burdens of proof and we circle around and around never able to really get anywhere on either side because we are chasing our tail around the wrong intellect [...]

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