"The Mythicist Milwaukee Show" has taken new form online, premiering earlier this January as a weekly series on the Mythicist Milwaukee channel, available via YouTube.

Here, the show seems to be finding a new, growing fan-base with its updated format. Producer Sean Fracek added editor/videographer Adam Montney to the team to take the show, hosted by Brian Edward and Rob Moore, to the next level as a visual medium as well. With notable guests including Richard Carrier, David Fitzgerald, and Robyn Blumner, and mythicism’s/ secularism's growing interest as a field of study, The Mythicist Milwaukee Show gives a weekly outlet to these voices and ideas to be heard and seen.

Upcoming guests to The Mythicist Milwaukee Show include the return of David Fitzgerald, who discusses the evidence for a historical person named Jesus on what we know to be authentic, and then, award-winning secular activist, Jonny Brotherton, currently serving the secular community full time as executive director for Atheist Analysis, board chair of Secular Syndicate, and founder of the charity "Grillin’ With Atheists".

Look out for more announcements as Mythicist Milwaukee continues to grow its film and video presence online and visit Mythicist MKE on YouTube for all the latest releases.